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Advantages of aluminium flagpoles

The quality of our aluminium

Aluminium poles are made of a special AlMgSi alloy with higher elasticity. The durability and aesthetics of the poles have been achieved thanks to the anodizing process with the minimum coating thicnkess of Al/An 20µm. The wall thickness is 1,5 – 3,5 mm.

The flagpole is produced according to the PN-EN 40 and PN-EN 1991-1-4:2008 standards.

Three times lighter than steel

The installation of aluminium flagpoles is economical beacause of:

-no need for heavy assembly equipment,

-easier and cheaper transport,

-faster installation

100% recykling

Aluminium can be easily utilized.

The raw material used for the production of aluminium flagpoles are mostly from recycling


Flagpoles are exposed to negative atmosphere factor. Aluminium used as the basis material helps to minimze this effect.

Aluminium creates a protective coat on its external structure. Therefore, there is no need for prepainting and galvanizing as it is with steel flagpoles.

Forms of finish

Various forms of finish of aluminium surface are available.

Normally aluminium flagpoles are satinied. At additional cost, they can be powder coated – according to RAL palette or anodized for natural-silver colour.



Wall  frames

Exemplary sizes:

220x220cm 220x316cm 316x510cm

We can also produce non-standard wall frames on customer's request. It allows you to adjust the frame dimensions to your technical conditions.










Product Installation
wall-mounting bracket for non-thermal isulated walls with slyrofoam, mounting peg M8x100


Product Installation
rubber hook for banner PCV wrapped around the tube


price list

Price list

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